When is the best time to visit Zanzibar?

Being close to the equator, Zanzibar has warm near-perfect holiday weather all year round. Seasonal winds providing a cooling breeze during the summer months.

The rainy season (or ‘Green Season’) normally occurs between April and May. There are likely to be short sharp bursts of rain on several days per week. Many of the smaller properties opt to close to conduct repairs whilst the larger properties offer fantastic discounted rates and upgrades to guests.

We often get asked ‘when is the best time of year to visit Zanzibar?’ – sadly there is no easy answer but hopefully, our quick guide below will help!


Average Temperature °C282828272525242525262727
Average High Temperature °C323232302828272828303131
Average Low Temperature °C242425252323222222222324
Highest Recorded Temperature °C363838363231313135363736
Lowest Recorded Temperature °C212222222120191919202121
Average Rainfall cm56143228523461713
Average Number of Days with Showers55811104223498
Average Number of Days Above 32°C1515171080007101414


A rough guide to Zanzibar’s weather…

Although reasonably reliable weather patterns do move slightly from year to year, below is our take on the ‘average’ year.


January – March

January and February are considered high season for Zanzibar with consistent temperatures and clear blue sky. As March progresses rates drop however the humidity builds ready for the change of the trade winds and the start of the wet season.


April – June

April through to mid-June is low season in Zanzibar as the ‘Green Season’ / rains progress. During this time rates are low but be prepared for showers.


July – September

July through to September is considered by many as an excellent time to visit as Zanzibar is at its coolest, however, due to school holidays flight prices can rise sharply so book early!


October – December

October, November and the early part of December are also excellent times to visit after the crowds have gone. Many properties offer discounts and promotions to tempt pre-Christmas travellers. For the Christmas period itself, like so many places, Zanzibar is very popular, offering stunning weather perfect for escaping the gloom.


So when is best?

In summary there is no easy answer, it depends on when you can travel, your expectations and criteria. Kite surfers for example may wish to avoid the calm still skies of ‘peak season’ whereas divers would likely prefer the increased visibility between seasons.

Every season has its charm, even the wet, when the land gets rejuvenated in often welcomed (by the locals) short sharp bursts, clearing the air before blowing quickly over. During this time safaris on the Tanzanian mainland are filled with drama as new life enters the world for both predators and prey.

In short, there is no bad time to visit Tanzania and/or Zanzibar, if in doubt, please contact us for a quick chat and we will let you know what to expect or when we think would be best for you.

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