Chumbe Island Coral Park

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Chumbe Island

UNEP Global 500 Award winning private island conservation project, using ecotourism to fund conservation management and environmental education.

Chumbe is regarded as one of Africa’s most ecologically sensitive lodges. Its position within Tanzania’s first designated Marine Park offers guests world class snorkelling coupled with genuine Zanzibari hospitality and Robinson Crusoe style accommodation. Previously uninhabited, Chumbe Island Coral Park was established in 1991 to protect this last pristine coral island and her surrounding reefs of the Zanzibari Archipelago.

Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd (CHICOP) is a non-profit organisation recognised by the UN for its leading systems in protecting coral reefs through sustainable development. Every individual from kitchen hand to reef guide has input into the lodges day-to-day running. This unique cooperative results in guests to the island experiencing Zanzibari hospitality at its most honest and heartfelt. The sense of purpose, belonging and pride from all the staff resonates throughout each facet of your stay. This is a shining example of how we, as guests to East Africa, can really make a difference - not only on a personal level to each individual that makes Chumbe what it is - but also to the plant and animal life that thrives under the protection of CHICOP.

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  • All bungalows overlook the sea - just a 30 second stroll away...
  • Perfect for honeymooners and romantics, just 7 bungalows so it never gets crowded.
  • A first rate example of eco-tourism.

Right for you?

  • The only property on the island - not suitable for those wishing to explore a buzzing nightlife.
  • Bungalows are based on the state-of-the-art of eco-architecture and eco-technology - no air-conditioning.

? How long would you recommend I stay?
We recommend three nights as a perfect time to stay, it's a small island and this gives you plenty of time to unwind and explore the nature trails and reef sanctuary.

$$$Prices for Chumbe Island start at: $260 per person per night, including breakfast and evening meal, during Low Season.
Depending when you travel, room categories and party size prices rise to $280 per person per night during Peak Season.
Check rates for your dates: 0843 634 2258

Price Promise: We guarantee that booking with us is cheaper than with the hotel direct and we will beat any other operator, agency or website.

: )We often have a number of special offers available including 10% discounts for early booking, free nights and honeymoon offers.

Please see our special offers section or call 0843 634 2258 for the latest.

£23997 Nights at Chumbe Island Coral Park for 2 people in an Eco Bungalow, Full Board.
Includes full board meals each day, soda, water and snacks, boat transfer, guided walks, snorkelling equipment and tuition.
Valid: October and November

Subject to availability. International flights to be quoted separately.

Independent Environmental Award from the International Hotel and Restaurant Association (IH&RA)

*** WORLD WINNER 2001***
Ecotourism Destination Award of the Condenast Traveller Magazine

*** GLOBAL 500 LAUREATE 2000 ***
Outstanding Environmental Achievement Award of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

Selected to represent Tanzania at the EXPO2000 World Exhibition, Hannover, Germany

*** GLOBAL WINNER 1999 ***
British Airways TOURISM FOR TOMORROW Award

*** FINALIST ***
Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2001 and 2004

Award presented at the EXPO2000, Hannover Germany, where Chumbe was selected to represent Tanzania

Harpers Abroad November 2003 supplement, Harpers & Queen

All Inclusive hotels Africa, Trip Advisor


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Chumbe Island Coral Park - The Details

The whole of Chumbe Island is a nature reserve! You can explore its beauty either under the competent guidance of the park rangers or at your leisure.

  • Snorkel through the unique shallow water Reef Sanctuary.
  • Explore the Forest Reserve and historical monuments.
  • Take an excursion out SCUBA diving the nearby reefs.
  • Enjoy a lazy day watching dhows and outrigger boats go by.

There are lots of activities to choose from on and around Chumbe Island.


Room Descriptions & Facilities


Eco Bungalows

Accommodation on Chumbe Island is - in many aspects - something really special. It's what Robinson Crusoe could only have dreamt about!

The bungalows themselves are so brilliantly designed that they provide both privacy and a sense of freedom of living in the open. Many of our clients find these bungalows exceptionally romantic (honeymooners love them), but any individual with a passion for natural beauty will find these bungalows captivating beyond measure.

All bungalows overlook the sea and it takes just 30 seconds to stroll from the comforts of your bungalow hammock to feeling the warm tropical ocean lapping at your feet. All bungalows are equipped with:

  • Double or twin beds in the sleeping area under the palm thatched roof.
  • Self-contained bathrooms with hot & cold shower.
  • Large living rooms equipped with handmade furniture and decorated with African art and colourful fabrics... (and very comfortable hammocks).

Resort Service & Facilities

Below are some of the guest facilities that make Chumbe Island a globally recognised example of eco-tourism:

  • Guests are provided with organic soaps produced by a local women's co-operative.
  • Non-organic products are avoided (i.e., plastic bags) and any unavoidable non-organic waste produced by the island is removed and incinerated in a specialised incinerator constructed by the project on the main island Unguja.
  • Drinking water is provided by advanced filters (made in Switzerland) located on the island. These effectively clean readily available tap water from Unguja, avoiding the need for mineral water in plastic bottles (which are still available for purchase, but are not readily encouraged, as plastic bottles are a problematic environmental hazard recently introduced into Zanzibar).
  • The walkways, nature trails and beach areas are not artificially illuminated at night. This protects feeding and breeding patters of nocturnal animals, and also helps preserve and view one of the most stunning attractions of Chumbe Island: the rare giant Coconut Crabs (Birgus latro). Instead, individual solar powered torches are provided for all guests that recharge each day for use each night.

Community & Conservation

Marine Sanctuary

The Chumbe Island Coral Park is a unique privately managed nature reserve developed and managed by the Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd. (CHICOP). It is a rare example of a still pristine coral island ecosystem in an otherwise heavily over fished and over-exploited area.

The reserve includes a reef sanctuary, which has become the first gazetted marine park in Tanzania, and a forest reserve.

Forest Reserve

Approximately 90% of Chumbe Island is covered by one of the last remaining pristine 'coral rag' forests in Zanzibar. The Government of Zanzibar declared it a closed forest in 1994, and the management was entrusted to Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd.

Chumbe hosts a highly specialised plant community that has developed to survive without any groundwater, instead depending on capturing the moisture from the humid air and storing the rainfall during the rainy seasons. The bedrock of the island is made up of an impressive substrate of fossilized coral. You can still see the skeletal structures of corals and giant clams - a gentle reminder of the passage of time. More staggering still is the coral-rag forest. The density of the forest is spectacular, as adventitious roots thrust out in all directions and epiphytic species cling to life by wrapping themselves around all available surfaces. Researchers have taken up to four hours to transverse the 1 km stretch through the central forest reserve and the crags and caves hidden underfoot as remnant of the reef structure of this fossilized coral habitat, makes studying this environment both challenging and consistently rewarding as new discoveries are constantly uncovered. For guests the nature trails provided allow for an insight into this otherwise virtually impenetrable habitat.

Coconut Crab

The rare Robber or Coconut Crab (Birgus latro) - the largest land crab on earth - is common on Chumbe Island while it is threatened elsewhere in the Indian Ocean as it is widely eaten and used in fish traps. With a carapace diameter of up to 45 cm they can climb up to the top of coconut trees and easily crack coconuts with their powerful claws. These crabs have evolved to live on land but begin their life in the sea, later adopting shells as houses for protection until they grow large enough to manage with just their hardened carapace alone.

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